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We encourage a healthy lifestyle by educating in fitness as well as offering personal training, boot camps, corporate boot camps and basic training, as well as corporate affinity programs.



We will design a program that will assist you in achieving your goals.  We'll help you get there by motivating and insuring you use proper technique.  We can train at our gym, or your place of business or home.  We will provide all the equipment and clean it up after leaving.  In addition we can help you equip your own home gym should you desire.  You can book a personal training appointment here. 



Group fitness camps where everyone is working at the same time.  Typically these are held at recreation centers or city parks throughout the area.  The Boot camps are generally in the mid-morning to mid day.  Please call to find out the days, times, locations that are most convenient for you and how to register.  (650) 678.3973



We offer corporate boot camps or individualized training and affinity programs to select companies between Redwood City and San Bruno.  Please ask your Corporate HR Department if there is an existing affinity program or Boot Camp with Gym Rats.  If the answer is no, have your HR Department contact us to put one in place.   650.678.3973

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