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“Pete is great! He mixes up the workout routines and makes sure we listen to our bodies. If something hurts, he corrects our form or suggests a different exercise. He is dedicated to his boot camp clients.”

Nancy T.

“Pete is a wonderful trainer! I had my first workout with him yesterday and am pleased with the results so far! He is very patient and down to earth during our session at Snap Fitness! Thank you Pete and look forward to seeing you again very soon!”

Scarlett B.


“Pete is an excellent trainer. He mixes it up so the hour flies by. Definitely showing a difference since I started training with him.”

Bobbi B.


“Pete is a great trainer. He takes into account what your needs and capabilities are and designs a program that works for you from there. He does a nice job of mixing things up so the workout is slightly different each time. I would recommend working with Pete to anyone.”

Roma J.


“The lessons of Pete helped me a lot to become in shape!”

Wil N.


“Pete gives individual help when needed. I always felt like part of the group, even though I had to make some adaptation of some exercises. Pete would make sure I was getting the most from each adaptation. He is patient, thorough, and I got the results I expected. He communicates very well & I could depend on him.”

Jean S.


“Pete is great at creating ability specific strength training work-outs. He is always changing it up and makes each work out an appropriate challenge.”

Ger S.


“I have been working out with Pete Hayden for the last year and would highly recommend him. Pete gets results! Working out is fun and I particularly like the way he makes sure there are no injuries. He shows multiple ways of working out a muscle group and finds the ones that works for you. He is very personable and makes the hour go by fast!”

Vivienne K.


I have been training with Pete for a year now. I have lost fat, gained muscle and am much stronger and slimer. His program incorporates a full body workout with every class. I feel great and look forward to going to class.

Maria H.


Pete was great to work with. Very motivating and his array of activities makes it fun.

Brian C.

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